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Featuring: Rockabilly DooWop R&B Hillbilly Country Rock Roots Jump Blues Jive Stroll and Rock'N'Roll.
From the Past and from Today.

Call me a relic, call me what'cha will
Say I'm old fashioned, say I'm over the hill
But today's music ain't got the same soul
I still like that old time Rock'N'Roll

(George Jackson and Thomas E. Jones III - Old Time Rock and Roll)

Time for Rock 'N' Roll from the UK:

Hi, Thanks for dropping by.

You can listen to The Rock'N'Roll Kids Radio Show on SoundCloud.

How you doing? still Rocking 'N' Rolling?
I do hope so and now the clubs and pubs are reopening plus the weekenders, it will be a chance to get out and about to meet up again with old friends.

You may have noticed on the bottom of this page a visitor counter which also shows from which country people log in from. It surprised me how far afield people are coming from, unless of course it's a reflection of how many people are useing VPNs to hide from the rest of the world.

I have now droped the 40s,50s radio advertisements, as they are not working as I had hoped.
I have also droped the info 'fillers' as they are just not fitting in. Just for the moment I am keeping 'The Story Lady' and 'Vincent Price'.

For the time being our friends at Hospital Radio3 (HR3) are still chugging away, lets hope it stays that way.

I am sticking with the two hour format and it will be posted on SoundCloud only for now.

Any radio stations intrested in taking the shows, please contact me soonest.


The broadcast you hear here or anywhere else, is produced in my home studio in New Romney Kent UK. I am not in the studio when you choose to listen to the show, but you can contact me direct from this page and make requests or shoutouts for next weeks show.


Please note that many of the tracks played have been copied from the original 78, 45 or 33rpm records or tape. Therefore you may hear scratches and pops on these recordings.

Any self promoting artists or bands wishing to send greetings or Chrismas messages, recorded in MP3 for Rock 'N' Roll kids, please send to email address below.

Any bands wishing to submit material for inclusion in the show, please send by email direct (address below. Please remember that I only play RnR, Rockabilly, Doo Wop, 40s 50s 60s style.
I make no promises as to if it will be used, but it will be included in the database.

Radio CV. Stations from which I have broadcast.
Radio St Nick's, Plumstead, London, UK
Erith Hospital Radio, Kent, UK
Joyce Green Hospital Radio, Dartford, Kent, UK
Maridian Radio, Woolwich, London, UK
Hospital Radio3, Sydney, Australia
Coldharbour Disco Club, Eltham, London, UK
Plus 10 Years on the road with Musification Mobil Disco
Now on Soundcloud

What's on in the South East England this Weekend?
Rock'N'Roll Gig
The Prince Of Wales: Strood
Dover Rock'N'Roll Club
Pamela Music Jive Links
The Lady Luck
Dancing Dog Saloon
The Ace Cafe London
Paris Rock Club SE1
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